Fyre Wolffie

Portrait Illustrations - $30

Price is per character - Background included

Fullbody Illustrations - $100 usd

Additional characters - $80 usd each
background - $30-$50

Reference Sheet - $90 usd

Price may vary greatly depending on:
Complexity of characterComplexity of reference

Chibbi Illustrations - $70 usd

Price is per character - Background 20-30

Terms of Service

• By soliciting a service to the artist Fyre Wolffie you will be in agreement with my terms and services written in this document, so please, read with care.
The client must give me the ref sheet of the solicited character and detailed description of how they want their commission.
The payment must be realised before the start of the commission.
The prices can suffer changes due to the complexity or difficulty of the commission.
The payment can be made via PayPal
The delivery time is 2 months after payment. If more time is needed you will be notified
Not edit the artwork without permission.
The artist has all the permissions to use the commission in sites, printing it, use it as advertisement, etc.
The artists can recicle the client's unwanted sketchs, works and use them for other services and personal purposes.
The artist GUARANTEES that the client receives updates about his commission when necessary.
The client is authorized to use their copyright over their commissions just for PERSONAL USE.
After paid, I can not give a refund, unless I can not finish your commission
If the client's ref sheet is not clear enough to get it started, it won't be tolerated big alterations without a tax.
The client CANNOT obtain profit with their commission in any circumstances.
•Any violations of the terms contained in this document are subjected to denunciation.